Advanced Engineering Resources, PA

How did the accident occur?

What (Who) caused the accident?

What (Who) contributed?

What were the speeds? (at impact, before braking, at rollover)

Were sight distance or human factors involved?

What was the contribution by the roadway or environment?

Did the vehicle or any components cause or contribute?

Could the accident have been avoided, and how?

How were perception and reaction involved?

Did black box or data recording device have useful information?

Was recorded data interpreted correctly?

Was any avoidance maneuver taken or available?

Was there time to avoid?

Was the pedestrian or bicyclist at fault?

Was equipment or component failure involved?

Can photo or video analysis determine unknown information?

Will an animation best illustrate what happened?

Was vehicle (especially truck) in compliance with regulations?

Were the lights on?


Some questions  AER can answer